5.56/AK Elastic Triple Insert


  • Made to order – 3-4 week lead time
  • Holds 3 magazines (not included).
  • Fits most brands of magazines, with some fitting tighter than others depending on thickness.
  • 5″ Milspec elastic prevents lugs from getting snagged on the lip when drawing.
  • Stitched spacing channel prevents magazines from crowding and damaging each other.
  • Will retain 5.56 magazines (Pmags have a tighter retention than STANAG).


The 5.56/AK Elastic Triple Insert was designed to securely retain 7.63×39 and 5.56 magazines within our Slice Rig system. Utilizing a 2 seam construction minimizes potential failure points. Securely held in the Slice Rig with 2″x4″ Milspec Hook Velcro on both sides of the insert.

NOT likely to fit other rig/placard systems on the market. Designed specifically for use with our Slice Rig.


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